How Will Web3 Affect Search Engines in the Future?

WEB 3.0

Blockchain- and AI-powered Web3 search engines will give privacy and decentralization first priority. Users get access to their data, which produces clear and individualized search results. An open, unbiased, and user-focused Internet is what search will look like in the future. Presearch, YaCy, and Xayn are just a few examples of Web3 search engines that … Read more

10 Tips To Improve SEO For E-commerce


Take a step back and consider the big picture while dealing with SEO. What broad strategies and industry-recognized best practices can you apply to boost SEO functionality for your e-commerce website? They can be boiled down into 10 key tactics, which we’ll go over individually. 1: Perform Keyword Research That Considers Buyer Intent Don’t just … Read more

On-Page and Off-Page SEO and their Benefits

ON-page SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has existed for almost as long as the public has had access to the internet. Since its creation, businesses have used it to improve brand awareness, draw in new clients, drive traffic to their websites, share knowledge, and foster development. However, what really is SEO, and how has it changed since … Read more