Metaverse Classroom:How the Metaverse is Shaping Education

Metaverse classroom

Since some time ago, the phrase “metaverse” has become popular throughout the tech sector, with everyone from investors to gamers eager to learn more about the potential of this brand-new digital world. The metaverse, however, has effects that go far beyond amusement and trade. The way we approach education could be revolutionized by metaverse. Through … Read more

Learning Without Limits:”The Exciting Future of Online Education”

Online education

Introduction: Online education replace typical classroom instruction system after Covid-19 epidemic. Students of all ages, from kindergartners to college students. Everyone impacted by this profound upheaval in the world’s educational system. In addition, the sudden switch from classroom to computer caused a significant disturbance.Already vulnerable educational system at a time when the future of college … Read more

Navigating the Digital Transformation: Higher Education Trends in the 21st Century

Education trend

Employ-ability is a crucial aspect that students take into account while evaluating a course or university. In addition to wanting to be more marketable to companies once they graduate, students want to get value out of the education they devote time and resources to. Consequently, higher education is evolving. In 2023, the education sector must … Read more

Climate Change:12 steps that can help Governments to improve economic resilience

Climate Change

The need for climate change action has never been greater. Scientists caution that some catastrophic climate system ‘tipping points’ are already perilously close to being triggered at current levels of global warming. Governments and society must move quickly to reduce emissions and prepare for “baked in” effects of climate change. However, nations are still far … Read more