Unmasking the Digital Deception: The Growing Threat of Social Engineering

Threat of Social Engineering

Up to 90% of all cyberattacks use social engineering as a tactic. Social engineering’s role, foundation, or forerunner status in relation to previous, more sophisticated hacks is largely underestimated. Up to 90% of all cyberattacks are social engineering-based, according to hackers. Social engineering works because it takes use of people’s inclinations to obey, be afraid … Read more

Crypto-Blackmail: Exploring the Different Faces of Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security

Introduction Of ransomware? Cybercriminals utilise malware, or harmful software, known as ransomware for cyber attacks. When ransomware infects a computer or network, it either locks the machine or encrypts the data on it. For the release of the data, cybercriminals demand ransom money from their victims. A vigilant eye and security software are advised to … Read more