Mohamed Salah leave Liverpool and join Saudi football club: Rumors or truth?

Mohamed Salah: “He’s among the world’s greatest players.” It’s challenging. What can you make if you sell him for £150 million? They won’t surpass Salah in any way. £200 million, in my opinion, would be too much to refuse. How are you going to refuse that?

The Middle East has been interested in the Egypt international for a while, and on Friday, a verbal offer was made.

But since the forward isn’t for sale, the club rejected it out of hand and closed the case.

There were reportedly £50 million in add-ons in addition to the first £100 million offer.

“He’s one of the best players in the world,” Merson said to Sky Sports. It’s challenging. What can you make if you sell him for £150 million? They won’t surpass Salah in any way.

Are they going to win the league this season, though, simultaneously? In my opinion, no. Do you try to rebuild after receiving the money?

“Given one more week left in their window, they may just bid £200 million, at which point it would be concerning.

“I think £200 million [would be too much to refuse].” How you can refuse that for a thirty-one-year-old is beyond me. That would be too good to resist.

“If Salah leaves, Liverpool won’t be able to compete in the top four. Still, you have to consider the boy and the wages that need to be distributed with one more week to go. His head will tilt at that. He will not be content. It’s not a good place for Jurgen Klopp to be.

How they won’t add an additional £50 million is beyond me. It’s not as though they are examining their wallets. Why don’t you profit from my lack of belief that Liverpool will win the Premier League with Salah?

Even while the number seems attractive for a 31-year-old, Liverpool is determined to thwart any attempt to entice away a player who has won the Premier League Golden Boot three times and scored 138 goals in 221 games over the course of six seasons.

They would have little time to locate a replacement, much less one of Salah’s calibre, even if they were thoughtful enough to consider a sale, which insiders maintain is totally off the table.

“You’ve got to keep Klopp happy,” Merson continued. He is the club’s manager. He’ll want Salah to remain, and if he leaves, it will be by consenting to the arrangement above, which will depress him. With the window closed, where will he spend £200 million if he has any?

“With or without Salah, I don’t see them taking home the Premier League title. They may suggest that we divide this into four years and take the £200 million.

Can we expect him to be there on September 7th? I shall decline. The Money Talks by Neil Diamond.

Mohammad Salah will not be content. I completed it a long time ago. When I visited Middles brough, the money was amazing. With hindsight, I wouldn’t repeat the action. However, this is insanely rich money. Not only will he never have to do anything again, but neither will his grandchildren.

Liverpool will need to tear up the book and start again if he does leave. I have feelings for Klopp and Liverpool.”

Asked about the potential of Salah departing manager Jurgen Klopp: “The position stays the same, absolutely. Without a question. We are unable to sell Salah. That’s the reality. Not much else to say.”

Being the most well-known Arabic player, Salah is still very appealing to Saudi Arabia in addition to being one of the best players in the world.

The Pro League transfer window doesn’t end until Thursday of next week, which might potentially be problematic for Liverpool because Al-Ittihad is one of the four teams in the nation that receives funding from the Public Investment Fund, giving them access to more capital than some of their rivals.

One person who is not happy about the disparity in timelines is Klopp.

“It’s unclear how stable the Saudi Pro League is or how long it will remain this way, but I think the next two weeks will demonstrate how difficult it is because, clearly, no one (in Europe) can respond to anything that occurs there,” Klopp continued.

We all have a responsibility to safeguard the game, and we all want to, so I believe UEFA or whoever is in charge of handling it should keep an eye on it.

“We need to work with UEFA to ensure that these European leagues continue to be as successful as they are.

To make sense of things, you constantly require assistance from these kinds of things, such as evolving laws or regulations.

“The action from Saudi Arabia still kind of surprises us all, but a lot of players travelled there, so that surely helps the league.

“That’s the scenario right now, and I don’t know where it will go, but to be honest, it feels more like a threat and a worry than anything else because I don’t see how we can truly refute it at these particular times.

So what are our options? That’s the difference between the contracts here and the contracts there; say no, and we can accommodate that.

“In Saudi Arabia, they are so big that it definitely causes problems 100 percent of the time.”

“Salah wants to be the most well-known Arab football player,”

Mo Salah is regarded by the Saudi Pro League as the most well-known Arab football player in the world, therefore having him play for them would be an enormous coup.

The Saudi Pro League has put out a list of players they hope to sign this summer that includes him. They’ve been able to get other big stars like Karim Benzema and Neymar, but they haven’t been able to do the same with Salah thus far.

“His name is on that list, and they want to sign him. If they can, they want him to play for Al Ittihad, the champions. There’s still a chance they might try to move for him before the Saudi window ends on September 7.

“This transfer won’t be like the typical ones we’re used to. Their transfers are unique; it’s not like there are dialogues and conversations between teams, or that they get in touch with Liverpool. The Saudi Pro League, the Ministry of Sport, the Sovereign Wealth Fund, and of course Al Ittihad are all in charge of this centrally managed business.

“Salah has never publicly expressed his desire to relocate. The only official remark we’ve seen came from his agent, who claimed that Mo wouldn’t have done that if he intended to leave Liverpool after he signed a new contract there last summer.

Can I, however, witness him performing in Saudi Arabia? I can, indeed, one day. I’m not claiming it will happen in January or the following year, but the Saudis are serious about signing Mo Salah and have virtually limitless money.

“At least £1.5 million would be his weekly salary, making him one of the highest paid players in the world. They would be willing to pay over £100 million to sign him, which is a significant sum of money for a 31-year-old.”

To put it in perspective, they paid between £80 and £90 million for Neymar, who is the same age.

According to certain Saudi media sources, they have high confidence that he would join Al Ittihad and that he will undergo a medical examination within the next 48 hours. They also said they will make a larger bid, possibly as much as £200 million, or £175 million.

However, the most reliable sources we have this afternoon tell me that Al Ittihad is hopeful and believes they will eventually capture him, but they don’t expect to get him.

“They’re basically determining if it makes sense to go back in for him at this window.

“To sum up, this is being handled centrally. These choices are not solely made by Al Ittihad. These include the Sovereign Wealth Fund, the Saudi minister of sport, the director of football at the Saudi Pro League, and the chairman of the league.

“The reason these people are involved is that they all share the same dream, which is to bring Mo Salah—the cherry on top—to the Saudi Pro League.”


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