10 Best Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

There is still plenty of room for affiliate marketers to succeed in their efforts to promote products online using free traffic sources. Sharing an affiliate link and waiting for conversions to start pouring in, however, is not how it works.

Knowing your audience and the websites they visit is crucial for success. You may develop an audience for your ideas by producing high-quality material and disseminating it in the appropriate locations. This requires commitment, money, and a sound plan.

We’ll give you some advice on choosing a traffic source and examine the top 11 places to direct people to your affiliate links.

  1. SEO
  2. Pinterest
  3. YouTube
  4. Tiktok 
  5. Email
  6. Instagram 
  7. Twitter 
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Facebook 
  10. Quora 

What Exactly Is A Free Traffic Source?

Any strategy to drive traffic to your website without spending money on advertisements is referred to as a free traffic source. Community forums, social media, email, and organic search are all included.

In marketing, traffic sources are utilized to draw customers to your primary website or online asset. which is the focal point of all your marketing efforts.

And this is also true for affiliate marketing.

In order to properly inform visitors about the items you are promoting and their advantages. it is preferable to direct them to a page that you control. Send traffic to the dream, not the offer. according to an ancient affiliate marketing adage, if you want to increase your conversion rate.

Another, more pragmatic reason is that you must promote your website (or newsletter) instead of using affiliate links.

The majority of websites that you may use to get free traffic make money by displaying advertisements to users.They’ll do all in their power to keep those users inside as much as they can.limiting the sharing of external links or lowering the visibility of articles that contain them.

Growing a source of free traffic is work, but the rewards can be great:


It simply demands persistence and effort, not money for advertising, so your affiliate sales will generate more revenue.

Free traffic may take some time to start producing benefits, but once it does, those results are typically long-lasting. Free organic traffic will stay longer because it is not the result of an advertising campaign.

When you put your attention on developing a free traffic source over time, you interact with a community of individuals, which helps establish authority and trust. Your authority, visibility, and ultimately your brand will all rise as a result. that typically results in more conversions.

How To Choose The Best Free Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing

It’s crucial to make the right choice when there are so many reliable free traffic sources available. Don’t overextend yourself by juggling too many projects at once. Prior to adding more, start with one that is appropriate for your affiliate marketing niche, objectives, and target audience and dominate it.

The key to making the best decision is understanding how each one operates. After all, many platforms have different functions and may be more efficient at particular points in the client journey. Although we’ll go through each traffic source’s specifics, the choice is ultimately up to you.

When assessing each traffic source, think about the following inquiries to help you come to a well-informed decision:

Audience size: Size of audience which try to reached by the traffic source? Evaluate this as per your goals.

Demographics: What are the demographics of this audience? Are they a good fit for your target audience?

User intent: Why do people use this traffic source, and what do they expect from it? Does this align with your content and offer?

Content requirements: What type of content works best on the platform? Can you create this content effectively?

Rules and guidelines: Are there any specific rules or guidelines you need to adhere to?

Visibility opportunities: What do you need to do to gain visibility on the platform and share your links and affiliate links? Evaluate the effort required against your goals.


The 11 Best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Here are the top 11 free traffic sources for affiliate marketing to send visitors to your website:
These traffic sources all have benefits and drawbacks. Some may speak to you, your specialty, and your target audience more effectively than others, and some may require more imagination and work to fully realize their potential.Keep in mind that no one source of traffic is superior to the others. All of them, when used properly, can produce fantastic outcomes.


Audience Size: 4.2 billion monthly active users

Audience Type: Everyone

Content: Text + Video

Affiliate Links: Anywhere you want in your content

Unquestionably, the best way to get traffic for affiliate marketing is through organic traffic. Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for creating a successful affiliate business because there are 3.5 billion searches performed every day and 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search.

Writing and releasing content is only a small part of what it takes to generate web traffic with SEO; you also need to rank. Check out our SEO affiliate marketing recommendations if you want to learn how to grasp this as a free traffic source.

Your major goal should be to increase organic search traffic to your niche website, but be aware that getting focused traffic will require a lot of effort and time.

Especially if your website is fresh, ranking content on Google takes time. And in some highly competitive marketplaces and niches, only a few number of reputable and top-notch affiliate websites may contend for the most lucrative keywords.

Even if you do receive traffic, you risk losing it to a rival or as a result of Google’s ongoing modifications and algorithm revisions.

However, SEO continues to be the best free traffic source for affiliate marketing.

It is clear why. When hunting for specific information, people use search engines. Additionally, you may support consumers throughout their whole customer journey by using SEO to provide the appropriate sort of content for any search purpose, whether it be informational, commercial, or transactional.

However, with AI breakthroughs in the works, it makes sense to take into account alternative platforms that can increase brand exposure and trust as well as affiliate marketing traffic.


Audience Size: 446 million monthly active users

Audience Type: 61% of Pinterest users are women and have  high income

Content: Photos, Videos

Affiliate Links: Bio, Every pin

Due to its lower user base than social media juggernauts like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, Pinterest is a bit undervalued in the affiliate marketing field. However, it’s really effective for affiliate marketing, particularly in highly visual areas.

Pinterest is about discovering inspiration and saving it in Pins, unlike other social media platforms where people go to be entertained. Pinterest is used as a search engine by millions of people to plan new ideas and find things.

It is clear how closely related Pinterest and product discovery are from a short glance at Etsy’s traffic sources. Social networks account for 6.40 percent of Etsy’s 450M monthly visitors.

With 35.64% of all social traffic, Pinterest is the major traffic source.

Pinterest Traffic chart
Pinterest Traffic chart

Each Pinterest pin has the option of linking to an article on your affiliate website or the advertiser’s website directly.

Additionally, unlike many other social media sites, Pinterest doesn’t bury pins that send users elsewhere. This is the nirvana of affiliate marketing.

The only drawback is that those seeking inspiration rarely have money to spend. Additionally, you’ll need to provide more than just generic product photographs that can be downloaded from the advertiser’s website if you want to engage your audience on the platform and persuade them to move forward.

Your priority should still be developing an attractive and high-quality Pinterest profile, followed by using Pins as a channel for generating traffic and affiliate sales.Increasing your Pinterest following will take work, but as you can see, even a small number of followers can generate a respectable number of views.

Additionally, maintaining Pinterest boards does not require the same dedication as developing an Instagram page or TikTok account, nor a high degree of community participation.
If your SEO approach is going well, think about using Pinterest as your secondary traffic source. You might have some fresh affiliate sales in store for you.


Audience Size: 2.6 billion monthly active users

Audience Type: It’s used by people of all demographics across all World.

Content: Videos, Short video

Affiliate Links: Description

The world’s second-largest social network and second-largest search engine, respectively, are both YouTube. As a result, affiliate marketing can be effectively done on it.

Unlike other social media sites, users frequently turn to YouTube when they want to buy anything and are looking for more in-depth information and reviews. As an affiliate marketer, now is the ideal moment to contact your target demographic.

YouTube, too, may be scary. To engage a YouTube audience, you’ll need a few things, like a good camera and microphone, the correct lighting, adept video editing, and an impactful script.

The competition might be severe even with the proper content. But since so few people are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to build a YouTube channel, this can work in your favor if you consistently produce high-quality YouTube videos using a sound content strategy.

You may utilize YouTube to enhance the material on your website as an affiliate marketer and owner of a specialty website; this is a logical extension of your affiliate website and SEO strategy.

  • Share information pertinent to your area;
  • Write thorough video reviews;
  • Compare items;
  • Respond to the most often asked questions;
  • Unbox intriguing things;

Since practically every video on YouTube contains some in the description, and since you can add them as an overlay to films, distributing affiliate links on YouTube is easy.

A entire generation favors watching videos over reading articles, but they are a picky group that is challenging to please. When you’re prepared to invest in becoming a true authority in your field, think about YouTube.


Audience Size: 1.1 billion monthly active users

Audience Type: Not only young people on TikTok! You’ll also reach different age of people between 30 and 48 years on the platform.

Content: Short vertical videos

Affiliate Links: One link in the bio (services like Linktree to have more)

Other social networks were forced to embrace short videos to keep up with user preferences once TikTok appeared as a social media platform that changed the game.

Furthermore, if you know how to take use of this platform, it can be a fantastic source of free traffic.

Engagement is essential for success on TikTok. Only a few seconds are given to you to grab viewers’ attention, and you must maintain it throughout each film. This holds true whether you’re engaging your audience or working as an affiliate marketer to promote goods on your affiliate site.

Traffic driven strategy
Traffic driven strategy

It therefore presents some difficulties. But unlike any other social media network, TikTok will reward you if you do it right with a significant quantity of free organic traffic.

And some affiliate marketers are already making a good profit out of it!

Check out the Amazon product collection on the “stuff you actually need” channel!

The fact that TikTok only permits one link in the bio and prohibits links on individual posts is one of the restrictions on affiliate marketing and product promotion. And regrettably, most viewers who are busy scrolling from one video to the next won’t even bother to look at your profile or links if you don’t explicitly ask them to.

No one can quickly access the URL in the bio. You’ll need to switch to a Business Account in order to activate it. You can locate the option in your account settings, and it is simple and free.

It’s difficult to master TikTok as a traffic source. To engage viewers, you need excellent, engrossing videos, consistent posting, daily Lives, and comment replies. When you have what it takes to succeed, only invest in TikTok.


Despite the various options, email is still a potent source of traffic for affiliate marketing. It’s regarded as one of the best ways to reach consumers and potential customers because it’s the oldest web channel still in use.

There are 4 billion daily email users, and 99% of email users check their inbox daily, with some checking it up to 20 times. These data are astounding and support this claim.

If you’re not already doing so, concentrate on building your email list and leveraging it to boost affiliate sales.

Can we Use Emails as free traffic source?

Create a terrific lead magnet, a cost-free resource that is captivating and people will want to use, and advertise it on your website and social media channels.

But keep in mind that these days, people will only join your mailing list if they think the information you give will be valuable and assist them in achieving their objectives.

Your email list can be used for affiliate marketing in two ways:

  1. Nurture your subscribers to increase your authority, share valuable information and tips, send updates about your niche and business and drive traffic to your website.
  1. Send commercial emails to your list using email templates provided by advertisers (DEM).

While the latter may result in rapid and possibly short-term outcomes, the former will assist you in obtaining long-term traffic and conversions.

Nurture your list and offer it as much value as you can if you’re serious about your marketing initiatives.

To make the most of emails, follow these suggestions:

  • Never purchase an email list from dark web or other source, instead focus on growing it
  • Make partition your list to send valuable and personalized messages with different tegs
  • Offer real value to your readers, or they’ll unsubscribe quickly
  • Share a few commercial emails, and make sure they’re in target with your audience
  • Work on improving your service rates by testing different category lines
  • Review your email campaign metrics and KPIs to better understand your subscribers and how your list is performing


Audience Size: 2.1 billion monthly active users

Audience Type: A young audience between 18 and 33 years old.

Content: Photos, Short vertical videos

Affiliate Links: One link in the bio

When Instagram launched in 2010, it was regarded by Millennials and Generation Z as a revolution, making Facebook seem out-of-date. Instagram now places a higher priority on videos, stories, and reels than it did when it was solely a photo-based platform.

One of the biggest social networks today, Instagram is also a significant source of free exposure for affiliate marketers.

Instagram is primarily used for entertainment, but it’s still a terrific place to find new things and get suggestions from individuals you respect and follow. Knowing this is essential.

Although affiliate products are widely available on Instagram, you won’t have much luck providing product suggestions on an anonymous profile of a specialized website.

Use of Instagram as free traffic source:

Trust is a key factor. You must build a real relationship with your audience before you can anticipate your community using your affiliate links to respond and drive traffic. This can be achieved by including genuine customer reviews in Reels and answering comments.

Once you’ve built up an active community, the greatest method to increase conversions is by using tales to promote a particular product. That’s the ideal location to include your affiliate links or discount codes.

Because Instagram only enables you to include one link in your bio, an alternative is to use a site like Linktree to post several links and promotional coupons. Due to the fact that, like the majority of social networks, they prefer to keep people on their platform rather than direct them to your properties.

Building a community on Instagram as the owner of a niche website may not result in many immediate sales, but it can be utilized to boost the value of your brand and the authority of your website.

Instagram success takes time, and you’ll need to be incredibly consistent. It could be challenging to grow an Instagram account from scratch utilizing just natural methods.

If you’re up for the challenge, be sure to heed the platform’s user success recommendations:

  • Focus on vertical videos — photos won’t get you much visibility anymore
  • Post everyday
  • Share 5-6 stories per day, spread throughout the day
  • Use the in-app video editor, not an external one
  • Optimize the caption for search terms
  • Don’t overuse hashtags, maximum 3 per post
  • Engage with every single comment

7 Twitter:

Audience Size: 556 million monthly active users

Audience Type: 23-35 year old ratio is 38.5% of users, the biggest group on all social plateforms

Content: Short messages (with videos, photos, gifs)

Affiliate Links: In your bio, in any tweet (as long as the links are safe)

No platform tops Twitter for participating in the discourse. There, users swarm for instantaneous updates on breaking news, hot takes, popular memes, and even purchase recommendations.

Twitter has changed over time to enable longer-form content, photos, gifs, and videos after being initially developed for quick, pithy updates. Affiliate marketing is now possible as a result of this.

But it’s more complicated than just launching a torrent of affiliate links.

Your success on Twitter instead depends on your capacity to reach a sizable, like-minded audience and build your personal brand.

How? By actively participating in discussions and offering perceptive information that is relevant to your followers. People are more likely to visit your profile, view your pinned tweets, and browse your website for the content they value if you are more engaging. Additionally, they’ll take note of the (few and pertinent) product recommendations you provide.

Use Twitter threads, a collection of linked tweets posted one after the other, to add more context to the facts and suggestions you offer. But keep in mind that starting your thread with a link can make it appear spammy, and the platform may penalize you by giving your tweets less visibility.

However, since Twitter’s algorithms are built to keep users inside the app, you might be dissatisfied if you want to use the network to directly drive traffic to your internet businesses.Because tweets only last a few minutes, be ready to tweet frequently—at least twice daily—in order to be recognized as an authoritative source.

8 LinkedIn:

Audience Size: 312 million monthly active users

Audience Type: A well-educated audience with high income, 5 out of 6 of its 900 million members drive business decisions through this application.

Content: Text, Images, Videos

Affiliate Links: Posts, Blogs, Newsletter

Despite the fact that LinkedIn may appear like an unexpected medium for affiliate marketing, many people use it successfully to generate visitors and increase affiliate revenue.

However, not every specialty will succeed on LinkedIn. However, those who succeed are fantastic. For instance, whether you work in the B2B, marketing, or tech industries, LinkedIn gives you a platform to position yourself as a subject-matter authority and make product recommendations.

To maximize LinkedIn’s potential as a free traffic source, concentrate all of your efforts on developing your own brand.

Share case studies, articles, and other resources.

Although it takes time and work to be seen as an authority, the LinkedIn algorithm is perhaps simpler to understand and use to your advantage than other social media platforms. Therefore, you’ll have a decent chance of achieving high visibility in your niche if you’re persistent, share valuable material, and interact with the community.Combine the traffic source with an email approach to dominate affiliate marketing on LinkedIn.
The goal is to create a sizable database of targeted leads that will give you more control over future promotions of your website and affiliate products.

9 Facebook:

Audience Size: 2.96 billion monthly active users

Audience Type: Facebook is still used and popular among all ages, but its audience geographically vary greatly according to the country.

Content: Text, videos, photos, short videos

Affiliate Links: Posts

Smith and Malinda will both admit that they stopped using Facebook a long time ago. The platform is supposedly dead, but not for the 3 billion users who continue to use it every day throughout the world.

Affiliate marketers got on board as soon as Facebook, the first social network to attain such a large user base, did so.

The size of its user base now is both its strength and its weakness for affiliate marketing. Using paid advertising and sponsored content is still the most efficient approach to create and expand Facebook pages and groups and send visitors to a website, even when organic reach fluctuates in response to algorithm tweaks.

Facebook is a fantastic source of free traffic.Give leveraged to establish your own community on Facebook Groups. Although this tactic works better for well-known brands. it takes time and money to maintain community engagement and control user behavior.If you run an authority website, having a sizable and active Facebook page or group will undoubtedly help you gain more visibility, trust, and brand value, which will increase your affiliate sales.
Even so, if you want to get the most out of Facebook in your affiliate marketing plan, think about combining paid and organic traffic.

10 Quora:

Audience Size: 302 million monthly active users

Audience Type: Quora users are well-educated, and a good percentage of them have an annual income of $110,000 or higher. On this traffic source, you’ll mostly find people aged 18 to 38.

Content: Questions, Answers, Posts

Affiliate Links: Bio, Answers, Posts

No one is give much attention to Quora, which is a good reason to consider it.Quora  still present a ton of untapped traffic and conversion potential while other platforms are overrun with affiliate marketers and affiliate offers.Users post questions on Quora, and experts respond. Regardless of whether people follow you. Helping others by providing answers to their questions will increase traffic and exposure. This implies that even accounts with a little following can become visible.Your profile bio and Quora answers may both include links to your website, newsletter, or direct affiliate links that will drive people to your offers and online assets.

It will take time and effort to establish yourself as an authoritative source that can be trusted. As an affiliate marketer, you could want to put money into sites that have more potential and more traffic.

Final suggestion:

As you’ve seen, there are numerous ways to market your website and affiliate offers without relying on paid traffic sources if you have a solid strategy and excellent content.

Each free traffic source is effective, and it has helped affiliate marketers and content producers launch and expand lucrative enterprises.

But the trip is not simple.

Social networks’ main objective is to maintain user engagement on their platforms.They try to minimize the appearance of any posts that advertise external connections.

You must first differentiate yourself from the competition by providing excellent content in order to attract traffic. And if you want to achieve enough visibility for significant amounts of traffic and conversions, eventually emerging as an authority in your niche.

Because of this, SEO is still the best strategy to bring visitors to your affiliate offers and specialized website.

When done correctly, SEO will bring you more visitors and more conversions than any other free traffic source.

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